Dear Immunocompromised, I Will Stay Inside For You

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I am not immuno-compromised. I am young and healthy. Therefore, this virus isn’t a huge threat to me personally.

But I know that for some of you, this is a life or death situation. And I know that it must be an extremely scary time for you.

There may not be much I can do for you. But I can stay inside for you, to keep from this virus having the opportunity to spread further.

To those with weakened immune systems due to recent illnesss, I will stay inside for you.

To those of you with children who have trouble breathing, I will stay inside for you.

To those who just had babies, and for those with grandparents, I will stay inside for them.

I will stay inside for you because YOU matter. Because you are important.

And if all it takes is me staying inside of my house to keep you safe, that is the least that I can do.

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