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Brad Paisley Is Taking Requests for His Live Concert Tonight

Recently, people have come up with some creative ideas regarding what to do while the population is practicing social distancing and being quarantined.

Disney has come out with virtual rides, Netflix created a watch party for all of your friends to simultaneously watch movies, etc. Now if you like country music, you’re in for a treat!

Things were finally looking up and having to be quarantined from home didn’t seem so bad. However, sitting in your living room might just be the coolest thing you’ll do this year.

Much like many artists, Brad Paisley is having a live concert for his fans and anyone else who cares to join him tonight at 6pm.

Paisley has posted his phone number on Instagram @615-235-5921 to request songs for tonight.

This might be the only time you can slide into a famous country singer’s DM, so don’t miss out!

And if that’s not enough, Brad Paisley and his wife have also opened up “The Store”, to deliver a week’s worth of groceries to senior citizens.

Make sure to tune in on Instagram Live at 6pm tonight for the country concert you’ve always wished for!