Mark Cuban, Owner of The Mavericks, Is Paying Daycare Expenses for Health Care Workers

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Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks just keep on giving! It makes my heart happy to see the generosity happening in America right now! Sure, there is a bit of ugliness, but the nice stuff outshines the ugly stuff!

He had already promised to pay all hourly workers at the American Airlines Center for games missed while the NBA’s season is suspended. A lot of people are out of work with the cancellations of games.

Now he is addressing his concerns about daycare for health care workers. These people are not getting to stay home like the majority of us.

They NEED childcare.

You’ve got folks like healthcare workers who aren’t getting near the credit for putting their lives on the line. We just finished a program with the Mavs and Luka Doncic and Dwight Powell, some of our players, where we’re going to pay for daycare for healthcare workers, so people can go to work knowing their kids are taken care of

Mark Cuban

How amazing is that? He added that this is also an opportunity to create more jobs in this time of crisis!

The Dallas Mavericks Foundation has already contributed $100,000 to non-profit organizations and food banks.

Mark Cuban also said he was going to reimburse his employees who order breakfast or lunch at businesses that are locally-owned.


This will help those businesses that are impacted by the new restrictions imposed on restaurants and bars. Way to look out for the City of Dallas!

I can’t wait to hear more stories like this!


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  1. Hello ,My name is Toria Ellis I am a healthcare worker. I am a Home health aid/CNA how do I go about getting help with childcare from Marc Cuban.