Delta Just Announced They Will Resume Drink And Snack Service For Passengers On Flights

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As we ALL know, COVID has been one bummer after another.

It seems like EVERYTHING was cancelled — INCLUDING in-flight drinks and snacks on airplanes.

But now, Delta has announced that the drink and snack hiatus is finally coming to an end on their airplanes, and it might just be time for me to start flying again.

April 14th is going to be the big day that things go back to normal(ish) on “both domestic and select short-haul international flights.” 

Just like in the pre-COVID days, Delta will serve up Coca-Cola products.

They will be handing out drinks like Coke, Sprite, Ginger-ale, and Diet Coke in 7.5 ounce “mini” cans.

I like the juices — YUM, spicy tomato juice — so I was curious if the juices would be returning.

Aside from Coca-Cola products, Delta also revealed that they would be serving Tip Top Proper Cocktails as of April 14, as well as juices, mixers and Starbucks coffee and tea.

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As far as snacks, you can get things like almonds, Clif Bars, Biscoff cookies, and Goldfish crackers.

In early June, customers flying in Delta One or First Class on select domestic coast-to-coast flights will see hot food options return, and First Class customers on other key U.S. routes will enjoy fresh boxed meals beginning in early July.

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I’m not gonna lie, I wouldn’t know the FIRST thing about First Class. I’ll just stick with my Coke and my bag of pretzels. LOL!

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