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How To Make Easter Egg Mosaic Art

Easter Egg Mosaic Art is so fun and easy to make! The kids will love this fun Easter craft!

After we got done dyeing eggs, it was time to eat them!

When we pulled off the easter eggshells, we realized that the colored shells were fantastic and we could make the most adorable mosaic art with them– so we got to work!

How To Make Easter Egg Mosaic Art

Simply peel the colored egg shells off your eggs.

Then lay down the egg pieces to make your design on a table or piece of paper.

If you wanted it to be more permanent, then just put down a coat of glue first and then add the eggshells!

It is super easy and makes a one-of-a-kind Easter art!

How To Make Easter Egg Mosaic Art


Wednesday 2nd of April 2014

Love how these came out :)