This Eerie Video Serves As A Reminder of Why You Should Always Close Your Bedroom Door Before You Fall Asleep

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If you tend to fall asleep with your bedroom door open for whatever reason, here’s a better one to keep it shut.

If you’re someone who promises to shut the bedroom door to keep the cool air or heat in the room before falling asleep, only to wake up the next morning with the door open, it’s time to break that habit.

A TikTok video has surfaced online and has captured the attention of millions of users online, and for good reason.

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Shutting your bedroom door isn’t just essential to keep your space cool, but this firefighter took the liberty to share an important tip online before you get some shut eye.

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The video showed a regular kid’s bedroom until the camera panned to the outside hallway which recored a devastating fire that burned much of the house down.

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Walls were covered in smut, the roof was peeling, and much of the house was in disarray except for one room because its bedroom door was closed.

Courtesy of @smokemedic

The video urged viewers to “close before you doze”, a quote taken from the Close Your Door campaign that spreads awareness for individuals to remember to shut their bedroom doors before falling asleep.

Courtesy of @smokemedic

In addition to closing your door, the Red Cross also has a handful of tips about fire safety that you can visit here, to keep families safe such as checking fire alarms once a month to make sure they work properly.

So before you fall asleep, remember to not only shut your door, but to close other family member’s doors as well to keep everyone safe.

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