There’s A Way You Can Get Your Favorite Bath & Body Works Scents Even if They’re Discontinued

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It is the worst falling in love with a specific scent of a candle or spray only to have it be discontinued…

Take Bath & Body works for example, they have hundreds of scents and I bet you have a handful of your absolute favorites and go-to’s, right?

And how many times over the years have you ran into the issue of your favorite scent being discontinued or only available seasonly?

Well, turns out, you may be able to get your favorite scents after all. Even if they’ve been discontinued…

According to a former Bath & Body Works Employee, Bath & Body Works has been known to reuse scents and just repackage and name them something else.

Former Bath & Body Works employee Kaitlin Tucker revealed to The Sun that some retired scents can be reused for a “new” scent.

“Obviously, it’s not been stated by the company, but as being a previous employee and working there for five years, you tend to catch onto things such as repackaging,” Tucker told The Sun.

For example, Kaitlin said her favorite candle is Midnight Blue Citrus. She believes it is a scent that’s repackaged during the holiday season as Snowflakes and Citrus.

Bath & Body Works

I totally believe this. I was actually telling my mom that one of the popular fall scents smells like one of the popular holiday scents (both are my fav).

So, how can you tell if your favorite scent has just been renamed and repackaged?

According to Kaitlin, all you need to do is, look at the ingredients on the package.

Bath & Body Works candles, lotions, soaps, and scents include an ingredient list on the labels.

So all you have to do is simply look at the fragrances and the order in which they are placed on the ingredient label to see if they match a former scent.  

You can find a former scent on the web or possibly around your home.

“And even though they swap some of the words, they’re still very similar, and in the end; it’s just the same candle repackaged,” Kaitlin noted. 

There you have it, your favorite scents may just be right under your nose and you haven’t even noticed!

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