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How To Make A Super Simple Changing Table

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dollar General for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

It was one of my lowest moments ever, and I know every new parent has been there. It’s 3am, baby’s crying, poop is everywhere and no way can you do a simple diaper change in her bedroom on that cute little piece of furniture like you usually do. This was when I abandoned my expensive changing table and came up with this super simple changing table.

how to make a changing table you will actually use

15 Things You Need to Make A Simple Changing Table:

    • Bathroom Counter. Yeah, that’s right. Give-up some valuable real estate, but it’s worth it. Every inch.
    • Changing Pad. Don’t buy a new one–just take the one off baby’s changing table. You’ll never want to use it there again.
    • Hand Towel. Instead of investing $25 each in fancy changing pad covers, use the hand towel (of which I have over a dozen I never use) to go over the pad. Easily washed, they’re just the right length and cost way less than the fancy covers.
    • Small Basket for Organization. Into which all the little stuff on this list may be stuffed.
    • Wipes. Yeah.
    • Diapers. Unless you want to be back at that changing table in two seconds.
    • Diaper Rash Ointment. You never know when you might need it.

changing table you will actually use

    • Large Basket for Dirty Clothes. Mmmmhmmm.
    • Change of Clothes for Baby. And maybe you, too. Just in case.
    • Trash Bin. This may also have to be used for poopy-covered clothes that had to be cut off baby to keep her from being even MORE covered in poop. I have actually done this multiple times.
    • A Big Rug. This is critical. No, really. Because all it takes is one incident where the poop becomes projectile and then you’re scrubbing the floors at 3am. Get the big rug, my friend.
    • Hand Soap. Preferably a flavor that smells good.
    • Wash Rags. To dry your hands after you wash the ick off.
    • Clean Pacifier. This is a small, but very critical item. You don’t want to be stumbling to the kitchen, after the diaper change, to sanitize a poop-covered nubby.
    • Distraction Toy. This is really important unless you want the baby distracting herself by grabbing the poopy diaper and slinging it all over. Trust me. I’ve done it.


Practical Changing Table Sq

Now, after my 3am romp, I use this simple changing table every day, for every diaper change. Its so practical, its ridiculous. And I got all the accessories to set-up my changing table at Dollar General for under $30. The only things I couldn’t get were the changing pad and the bathroom counter, everything else was right there, where I’m frequently able to save on home essentials with Dollar General! To learn more about Dollar General, check them out on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for decorating/DIY ideas and more.

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