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You Can Make This Candy Slide To Pass Out Halloween Candy To Kids. So, Halloween Is Officially On

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The last few years have been weird especially when it’s come to Halloween.

This year seems like we are finally getting back to some normalcy.

However, if you’re still nervous about getting sick in any way (no judgement here) I get it.

And that is where this candy slide comes into play.

Wicked Makers

The people from Wicked Makers on YouTube designed an amazing Halloween candy slide that you can build!

Wicked Makers

The idea of the candy slide keeps the 6 feet social distance, but allows the kids to still collect candy from you!

Wicked Makers

All they have to do is hold their candy bag or bucket at the end of the slide and the candy will fall right in! They don’t have to touch anything or even get close to people.

Wicked Makers

The DIY Halloween Candy slide is made with PVC pipe and fittings, spray paint, mummy wrapping, and a fake skeleton!

Wicked Makers

They were going with a mummy theme, but I am sure you could come up with other designs as well.

Wicked Makers

Maybe you could make it a neighborhood competition for the best candy slide!

Wicked Makers

It seems super simple to build! You don’t even need power tools, although that would make it faster!

Wicked Makers

You can cut PVC with a hacksaw and they do demonstrate that in the video.

Wicked Makers

You can watch the video below to see how it’s made!

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  1. Made a candy shoot out of pvc and even at a high incline the candy isn’t sliding through, it gets stuck half way down. Any suggestions?

  2. Cool design……will try it. What else have you two made?

  3. meanwhile ,the virus can be on the actual candy wrappers.. so there’s an extra step in the spread…
    be sure to soak your candy in 80 proof liquor before you eat it!!!

  4. Hi I and the director of Slave Free Chocolate. We are an organization that works to eradicate child
    labor and child slavery in the chocolate indutry. We run a large awareness campange every year and would like to promote this idea on our website.

  5. This looks like a fun project. I am going to try this and add a fog machine to it.
    One suggestion take a look at the prices on electrical grade pvc pipe. In My area the grey PVC conduit is cheaper than the white plumbing grade.
    Thanks for the idea.

  6. Love this! Can’t wait to think of the perfect sign to go with it!

  7. Dentonite here! This is a good idea!! FWIW there’s an even EASIER way to cut PVC and you can pick it up from Home Depot or wherever you get the PVC. Its basically a lot like a pruner for bushes, but its ratcheted in order to increase the bite force and the blade in the thing is specifically designed for PVC and it cuts like butter … okay, cold butter, but still.

  8. Love it! But then I went to NTSU in Denton TX back in the day…Here in Montana we usually have our first winter storm the end of October. Many is the time my kids dressed in there ski gear to go Trick or Treating. I am thinking we can rework this to make it a dragon. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Nope. Don’t know where you live but I’m not sitting outside in Chicago to slide candy to kids just because of Halloween.

    1. I’m in Minneapolis, and will totally do this if the city allows trick-or-treating this year.

    2. I’m in Chicago too and I love sitting on the drive with a fire pit, handing out candy. This year I won’t have to panic about the fire pit either because the children will be at the end of the drive. Great idea!

    3. I’m sure everyone is better for you staying inside. Let’s just celebrate that people are trying.

      1. Run it out through your front door or window if it’s super cold. Better yet, get a fire pit some friends and some adult drinks, sit outside and stay warm that way.

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