Here’s Where You Can Pre-Order The PlayStation PS5

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Um, are you sitting here refreshing to see when the PS5 will be released? Well, me too.


Turns out, the PS5 has already gone up for pre-order a few places and people (like me) had no idea they were releasing so early.


In fact, even Xbox is going along with the fact that Sony didn’t tell anyone before releasing pre-orders…

The new Sony Playstation 5 starts at $399.99 for the digital edition (meaning it doesn’t accept physical discs, only downloaded games) and $499.99 for the standard edition at the following retailers:

Keep in mind that many retailers are currently sold out of pre-orders BUT that doesn’t mean that they couldn’t restock them at literally any time. So, check back often.

Now, regarding Sony, they are doing pre-orders for select players. You have to sign-up to get a chance to pre-order using the same email associated with your PlayStation account.

So good luck and let me know if you score a PS5!!

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  1. My bf got a pre order time slot for friday at 10 am from sony. I didn’t get one though.