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Here’s How To Order Off The Starbucks Secret Menu Even If You Are Using The Drive-Thru

Starbucks is full of innovative drinks and flavors. But sometimes we want to think outside of the box. That is how the Starbucks Secret Menu was created! Baristas and customers all around the world have used their creative minds to make their own innovative recipes for others to try!

We absolutely love the Starbucks Secret Menu, but we also understand that it can seem intimidating, especially for some of the more difficult recipes. So we are here to help make this an easier process for you!

The #1 rule when ordering a secret menu drink, is not to try and order the drink by it’s made up name. If the drink is not on their menu, they most likely have no idea what you’re talking about.

The Starbucks Secret Menu is not an actual secret menu from Starbucks (contrary to popular belief). It is a menu created by people all over the world using Starbucks ingredients. So unless the secret menu drink has become popular, chances are your baristas will not know how to make this without the recipe.

Our personal secret menu posts will typically have a recipe card at the bottom of the post that will show you the easiest way to order the beverage. We also include a tutorial video on how to make the beverage in case your barista needs a little help with the process.

Now, understand that every store is different, every employee is different, and the product supply can also change according to your location. 

Some baristas absolutely love the idea of the secret menu. They like honing in on their skills and creating these eccentric drinks!

Unfortunately, there will be baristas that want to just punch in and out and not enjoy the crafting of beverages as much. As much as Starbucks tries to create a welcoming environment, expect the occasional “unenthusiastic”.

It is easier to order secret menu drinks in the evening.

Usually Starbucks will have peak times between 7 AM and 9 AM, and then again after school between 2 and 4 PM.

During their busier times, it may be harder to focus on some of the more difficult drink recipes, so please respect the baristas by not ordering the complicated drinks if they are super busy. 

If the barista tells you that they are unable to make the drink or do not have the proper products to make it, please be incredibly respectful. Extending kindness will get you a long way.  

The baristas cannot make a product appear and cannot sway the rules of their store. So if they say they can’t, be understanding and maybe try another store or another time. 

Showing the recipe cards to the barista will make the transaction go easy for both. It gives them an easier way to ring up your drink, and you don’t have to try to memorize anything or say it the wrong way.

If possible, you can mobile order your drink to keep from having to talk to a barista at all. But understand that not every ingredient is always available in the mobile ordering system.

We hope this post helps! We love the innovation and creativity that has been put into our secret menu drinks, and we don’t want you to be scared to order them at your local store. If there’s anything we can do to help make this experience better for you, please, below and let us know!