How to Rock Gift Giving

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I don’t mean to brag or anything but I rock at gift giving. I take the time to get everyone on our list something I know they will truly enjoy. Over the years I’ve built up such a reputation that now, our friends and family don’t even worry about telling me what they want. If you struggle in the area of finding that perfect gift for everyone on your list, listen up! I am going to share with you How to Rock Gift Giving and *spoiler alert* it won’t cost you an arm and a leg!


How to Rock Gift Giving

I am going to start by saying that obviously everyone is different. Some people want clothes, others want gift cards. I personally don’t like gift cards because I feel they are too easy. I like the personal thought that goes into getting and wrapping a gift. However, I don’t like spending an hour to find that perfectly sized t-shirt for one person but I’ve found a solution!

Personalized photo gifts are where it’s at!


Photo gifts make the BEST gifts. They are personal and capture a moment in time forever. It’s a memory that can be seen over and over again making it the perfect gift for anyone.

I don’t care who you are, I dare you to tell me you don’t like photos. I DARE YOU. Photos are amazing and it is so great we have the technology to capture those special moments in our lives, print them, frame them and display them for many, many years!

With that being said, I am not talking about printing some 4×6 photos and calling it a day (although you can). I am specifically talking about making a gift that is personalized with photos and I make mine at Walmart.

Walmart Photo makes it easy to create that perfectly personalized photo gift without breaking the bank. They offer many different photo gifts to choose from so you can get something for everyone on your shopping list. These include cards, canvas prints, calendars, mugs, blankets, wall decor and so much more!

With my anniversary coming up (about a week before Christmas) I wanted to make my husband something special. I made a 16x2o canvas with some of my favorite photos of our family throughout the

I first went into my local Walmart and used the photo kiosk to make the personalized canvas. It was super simple to do. I simply chose the type of gift (canvas) I wanted and personalized it. I chose the same-day pick-up option and then

I came back just a few hours later and picked up this beauty:


I absolutely love it and I cannot believe it was made in less than 6 hours (same-day). Even better, it is on Rollback for just $34.96 until 1/3/17.  I cannot wait to give it to my husband. I know he is going to love it!!

If you want to rock this holiday season at gift giving, then head to your local Walmart and give the gift of a memorable photo gift. You can learn more here. Plus, you know that it will be something affordable because they have photo gifts that will fit every budget!



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