I’m Tired Of Hearing ‘My Body My Choice’ When It Comes To Wearing A Mask

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I am so frustrated. I live in NC, where Governor Roy Cooper just made a statewide requirement for wearing face masks.

Courtesy of NC.gov

Why? The numbers are going in the wrong direction. There are more and more cases each day of COVID-19, instead of less and less cases.

We were in Phase 2 of quarantine. In case you aren’t aware of what that means: “The orders place North Carolina into a Safer At Home ‘Phase 2’ of easing certain COVID-19 restrictions to help revive the economy while protecting public health.”

But, with the numbers getting worse, the governor has put a pause on moving into Phase 3, and has now made the decision to make face masks required.

Here is what I don’t understand: People are fighting this order. They are taking to social media to voice their opposition to the mandate.

Okay. I understand voicing your opposition, but I DO NOT understand flat out saying you are not going to comply.

You know what you just said to everyone around you? I do not care about your health. I do not care if I infect you. I do not care if your whole family gets sick. I only care about myself.

One person on social media made this comment: “Masks dont work it says so on the damn box read the warnings! My body my choice right! I wont be wearing one!!”

I see 2 things wrong with that comment, and they are as follows:

1) You are PARTIALLY correct, in a wrong sort of way. DUST masks are not as effective as medical masks. BUT, if you are following CDC guidelines, they suggest MULTIPLE layers of fabric, with a filter of some sort for good measure. MOST people who chose to wear masks are adhering to those guidelines to the best of their ability. Also, SOMETHING is better than NOTHING.

2) “Your Body Your Choice” is just an asinine comment. Yes, if you were harming just YOUR body, say like getting a tattoo, then it would be “Your Body Your Choice.” If you were making the choice to go cliff diving off a 7-story rock, yes, “Your Body Your Choice.” BUT, when it comes to the coronavirus, when you don’t wear a mask, you are making the choice for everyone around you.

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. EVEN according to the CDC, you wear the mask to protect the spread of the virus. That means, you are wearing the mask to protect those around you from getting YOUR germs.

Yet another person on social media said, “Masks dont work why is it so hard for people to read the warning on the box and believe it!!??”

*Shakes my head* I can’t even. First of all, from where did you graduate with your medical degree? Second, according to the CDC and the Mayo Clinic, masks are meant to protect the people around you, NOT YOU. And third, nobody is arguing that DUST masks aren’t as effective as medical masks. Get yourself a good fabric mask, with multiple layers and some form of simple filter, and move on with your day.

Another misconception from social media: “The death numbers are not true. Too many people are dying of other obvious causes and testing positive AFTER their death to believe these numbers. It’s a crooked world we live in.”

*Blank stare* Where? Where are you getting your facts? When I want to know if something is true and accurate, I go to the experts. If you want to look at data regarding the coronavirus affected and deaths, try the CDC website.

Here’s one more gem from social media for you: “Those mask are dangerous to your health whether you know it or not. They can make you sick wearing them all day. Your breathing in carbon monoxide. Do the research and see for yourself. I’m not wearing them. I’m not living in fear. I’m trusting in the Lord not a stupid mask.”

First, I think he is trying to refer to carbon dioxide, instead of carbon monoxide. And the research is clear. The World Health Organization has a myth busters page, and it says: “The prolonged use of medical masks can be uncomfortable. However, it does not lead to CO2 intoxication nor oxygen deficiency.”

If MEDICAL masks don’t cause CO2 intoxication, I highly doubt a breathable cotton mask is going to give you trouble.

And, one more thing, just because you wear a mask, doesn’t mean you are living in fear. It means you are being smart, considerate, and proactive in helping to stop the spread.

Maybe a picture would be easier to understand. This about sums it up:

Just wear the damn mask. If you want to go about getting yourself all good and contaminated, throw a party at your house. Go wild and crazy, and go without a mask there. Be kind and courteous to the rest of the general population, and cover your face when you are in public.

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  1. “Yes, if you were harming just YOUR body, say like getting a tattoo, then it would be ‘Your Body Your Choice.'”

    The point is to draw attention to the fact that abortion is not simply harming YOUR body, but KILLING an unborn human. If the law allows for the murder of human life under the pretense that women should be able to make choices about their bodies (even though the baby has unique dna – not the same as the mother’s), then surely not wearing a mask would be acceptable under the same pretense. It is my body, afterall.

  2. I ❤️the way you state the facts Take Care. I love Disneyland. My Father opened the Anaheim Disney; watercolor, all art, pets, gardening ,and I live two blocks from Anaheim Disney! Take Care, Karen Yee

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