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This Artist Creates Art With Intricate Braided Hairstyles And They Are Gorgeous

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Looking at these images has me in a state between “awe” as well as thinking “Holy crap, how do her hands not cramp up?“.

Another Day Another Braid – YouTube Video Below

These braided hair creations are absolutely breathtaking!


Trendafilka Kirova is a Macedonian artist. You thought Khaleesi in ‘Game of Thrones’ had amazing braids, well, hers are bland compared to the work of Trendafilka Kirova.


The braids she creates are pure art! With plaits, loops, and even pops of amazing colors!


What makes her work even more amazing is that she is self-taught! According to Modern Met, when she was pregnant with her first child she began watching YouTube tutorials of hair braiding.


I started watching a lot of tutorials and started doing simple braids. I find braiding to be so calming and after a while, I started learning new, more complicated techniques.

Trendafilka Kirova told Modern Met

Trendafilka became so good at braiding and creating with hair that she left her job as an accountant and auditor. Now she is working as a full-time freelance hairstylist.


She works in a studio at her home and she practices her skills on models as well as on mannequins. Trendafilka has an Instagram that is filled with her hair creations.


Trendafilka also has a YouTube where she posts tutorials. The tutorials teach you how you can recreate some of these magnificent braids at home.

I wish I could work my hands this way, absolutely beautiful work!

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