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Is *NSYNC Going On Tour? Here’s Everything We Know.

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In the realm of pop music nostalgia, one question has been reverberating through the hearts of fans worldwide: Is *NSYNC Going On Tour?

As the iconic boy band that captured the hearts of a generation with their harmonious melodies and synchronized dance moves, *NSYNC remains a timeless symbol of 90s and early 2000s pop culture.

The mere mention of a potential reunion tour sends waves of excitement and anticipation rippling through their dedicated fanbase.

And with the band’s recent public outing at the VMA’s after nearly a decade, fans everywhere cannot help but wonder what is next from the band?

Is *NSYNC Going On Tour? Here’s Everything We Know

If you grew up in the 90s, early 2000s it’s likely that you know and love every single song from *NSYNC. They were one of the top boy bands of the century.

And if that is true, then it is also true that you would probably cash out your 401K or even sell your home to afford concert tickets should they go on a reunion tour.

So, is that actually happening? Is *NSYNC actually going on tour and more importantly, is *NSYNC making more music?

The short answer is, no – there is not OFFICIAL confirmation from the band or the band’s manager that a reunion or a tour is happening.

In fact, earlier today, TMZ said that sources told them that the band has “no plans to tour, do a residency, album, or any other pop-up reunions.”

However, there are tons of signs and clues that there may be something coming from *NSYNC and soon.

Let’s take a look at what we know…

Is *NSYNC releasing a new song?

Rumors have been circulating that *NSYNC has new music. The first clue was a video that began circulating of Justin Timberlake and JC Chavez in a recording studio.

Turns out, fans were right – *NSYNC will have a new song. According to TMZ, sources confirmed that the band is recording a new song for the new Trolls movie. They said:

we’ve confirmed the rumors the group is featured on a song for the upcoming movie, “Trolls Band Together” … which focuses on Justin Timberlake’s character reuniting with his 4 brothers who were all part of a boy band in the past — pretty meta.


Therefore, we will see new music for the movie.

But aside from that? Is anything else to come?

Well, only time will tell. While diehard *NSYNC fans like myself are trying to “read between the lines” there is just rumor and speculation out there at this point for an *NSYNC reunion tour.

Although, I can speak for all the *NSYNC fans when I say, we want this more than anything. Now that we are 30+ year olds with adult money, no amount is too much for concert tickets.

I mean, I’d even take a *NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, and 98 Degrees Millennial Reunion Tour and it needs to happen STAT. None of us are getting any younger!

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