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My Favorite Thing About Summer? Going Topless!

I’ve lived in Washington State my whole life, born and raise in Spokane on the Eastern side of the state. We are blessed with four distinctive seasons. The Winters never disappoint for us snow lovers. Spring brings flowers and birds returning from the south singing their “we’re back” songs early in the morning. The Fall brings a beautiful changing of the leaves, in red, orange, yellow. It’s gorgeous to see the changing of the seasons. Then there is my favorite season of the year, Summer. Summer is always hot, 80-100’s, sunny and beautiful. The first sign of these temps for at least 10 days straight, according to the Weather Channel, my top comes off!! I’ve waited 9 months for this moment and get so excited for it when the time nears: My favorite thing about summer is going topless!

Of Course I’m speaking about my Jeep. For all those who pictured something different….NAUGHTY!

My Favorite Thing About Summer? Going Topless!

If you’ve even ridden a  motorcycle and enjoyed the freedom of it, but maybe not the fact that you’re not completely protected by a sturdy frame, this is the ride for you. and you don’t have to have a different vehicle in the winter. I get that same freeing feeling in my Jeep and feel a little more protected for myself and my passengers…unless they get crazy and stand up through the top, cause that’s a thing, too. There’s just a wonderful feeling of hanging my leg out the door, wind blowing in my hair and the sun beating on my face. Who need AC? Who needs a convertible? Plus I can take my Jeep places other people cant take their convertibles…summer or winter.

Of course I have many favorite things about summer: riding to the lake in my topless jeep with my family, going camping in the woods with my family in my topless jeep, laying at the lake with the sound of music blasting from my topless Jeep. It all brings me great gobs of joy!! By now you must be getting the picture of how much I love my topless Jeep. I even named it RJ for Red Jeep, go ahead and think I’m weird, but I believe the positive energy you put into your vehicle the better it runs…it’s worked for me! Don’t judge. (editor’s note: I, too, have a Jeep. Her name is Talulah and though she is more modest than RJ, she is Totally The Bomb)

I haven’t taken my Jeep 4x4ing, because it’s my primary vehicle, but believe me, it’s not because I haven’t thought about it. Honestly, on occasion had to refrain from going offload a few times…maybe I kinda have, but not anywhere I’d have to worry about repairs. Shhhh, don’t tell my husband.

When my husband deployed in 2010 he left me to drive his Jeep for 6 months. I fell in love with it. I damn-near cried when I handed him back his keys. A few months later for our anniversary, he bought me one. Best. Gift. Ever. Best Husband. Ever!

If you ever move to the Inland Northwest, I suggest a soft-top Jeep. It will be fabulous in the Winter and fun fun fun in the summer!! For you ladies who spend a lot of time perfecting that hair (as I am guilty of myself), you have to embrace the “Jeep Hair Don’t Care” mentality…put it up in a bun or pony and just ride with it!! It’s totally worth it!!

How many of your go topless in the summer? Share your comments below!!!!