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You Can Plant Kaleidoscope Roses In Your Garden To Bring More Color To Your Life

I am ALL about the color. The more color, the better (especially mint ha).


That is why I fell in LOVE with these kaleidoscope roses – they are stunning and I can’t wait to plant some.


Yes, you can plant some too, aren’t they just pretty?!

These flowers are known as Kaleidoscope Roses or Rainbow Roses and they feature an array of colors like the rainbow.


Just think of how amazing your garden will look with these colorful flowers.


Not to mention, these will be a total conversation starter.

Will they actually grow rainbow like this? I have no idea. People are talking about them all over social media and for the price, it doesn’t hurt to try.


You can purchase 10 Rainbow Rose Seeds on Etsy Here for around $8.50.


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