You Can Get A ‘Leave Me Alone’ Sweater For The Introvert In Your Life

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Some days you just want to say LEAVE ME ALONE!!

Now you can do just that with this sweater, designed by Ruth Grace Wong.

As a self-proclaimed introvert, I NEED this sweater in my life. Sometimes it just gets too “people-y” for me, and I wish I could hide away.

Ruth says that this sweater “all started one day when I was cold at work.” How many of us have been there?!?

Not only is this a great way of getting warm, but it is fantastic for getting those talkers at work to just keep right on walking by.

This sweater was even featured on LIVE With Kelly And Ryan! Kelly called it her “favorite thing ever,” and said it was great for moms who just wanted to get away. She demonstrated the sweater on air, and it was greatness!

Of course, this sweater is not really a practical sweater for wearing around fully zipped up, because — well — you can’t see. It gets the point across, though. People will definitely know to leave you alone!

The Leave Me Alone Sweater can, however, be worn as a turtleneck sweater, or even an off-the-shoulder sweater.

It features pockets and thumbholes. HOW FUN IS THAT?!? I LOVE anything with pockets!

Betabrand, the company first commissioned to make the sweaters, has sold out of the Leave Me Alone Sweater. Ruth is now searching for places to manufacture the sweater on her own, so hopefully you can get it soon!

If you are wanting to make your own, Ruth has left detailed instructions at But, if you are as great at sewing as I am, you’ll wait for Ruth to bring it back out!

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