LEGO Is Releasing a ‘Twilight’ Set and My Inner Fangirl Is Freaking Out

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Who knew that the LEGO company was such a fan of vampires.

While you may not have checked off your bucket list to-do when it came to visiting the Cullen house, now’s your chance to build a replica of the house instead!

That’s right, the LEGO company has officially announced a Twilight-inspired Lego set of the Cullen house.

So while your dreams of visiting the house that was filmed in the blood-sucking trilogy may not have worked out, at least now you’ll be able to build one at home to put on display!

Courtesy of LEGO and Nick Micheels

Designed by Fan Designer Nick Micheels (aka LobsterThermidor), his masterpiece of the Cullen house will soon be created as a building block set we all can build.

And just like many of us who have been fans of the Twilight series, Nick too became a fan of the films which inspired his idea to create an impressive replica of the iconic house with all of its details from the movies!

Courtesy of LEGO and Nick Micheels

LEGO builders can also count on the new set to feature Twilight’s main characters like Edward and others, because what would the Cullen house be without Edward nearby?

To see more of the Cullen family house in its true LEGO form, you can visit here, but just be prepared to unlock memories from 15 years ago when the Twilight film was first released!

Courtesy of LEGO and Nick Micheels

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