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You Can Order a Mini Replica of Your House That’s Made Entirely From LEGOs

Who ever said LEGO sets were just for kids?

Not I! And if there was any reason to play with LEGO bricks, this would be it.

Custom LEGO Model Homes now exist, which means you can officially request this Etsy LEGO expert to build you a replica of your own home in its exact condition.

So if you love your home and are proud of the way the garden looks this summer, consider this the perfect home decor to show off on the mantel and to guests.

Courtesy of @LittleBrickLane

It’s also a great way to remember an old home if you’re planning on moving out of the neighborhood soon!

Courtesy of @LittleBrickLane

Made up entirely of LEGOS, this Etsy shop owner offers two building versions.

You have the option of choosing only the exterior of your home to be built from LEGOs or, you can opt to have the interior and exterior of your house replicated from the building blocks!

Courtesy of @LittleBrickLane

So, if you’re selecting the interior and exterior of your home to be built from LEGOs, make sure to have the house tidied on because this Etsy shop owner seems to include every detail.

Just look at how cute the tiny flowers are!

Courtesy of @LittleBrickLane

Not to mention each LEGO model looks spot on considering the talented artist uses architectural plans and photographs to make each customized home exact.

Each home is also constructed solely from brand new and authentic LEGO brick pieces.

Courtesy of @LittleBrickLane

Now if you’re planning on requesting a replica of your home that’s entirely made up of LEGO pieces, keep in mind that the price will vary by each home.

You can currently order just an exterior replica or an interior and exterior copy of your own home made up entirely of LEGOs online at Etsy.

Courtesy of @LittleBrickLane