This TikTok Hack Shows You How to Create a Mosquito-Free Space and I’m Doing It Now

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Imagine a summer season without mosquito bites, sounds impossible right?

A mosquito-free space is in fact possible this summer season, and it’s all thanks to one TikToker who shared her mosquito hack!

So put away the Bug Bite Thing Suction Tool from Shark Tank and the Off! mosquito spray because there’s a new way to keep the mosquitoes away during your summer vacation.

“You want to know something amazing?” she asks in her TikTok video. “It’s almost the end of May, I’m hanging out in my backyard, and I have not gotten a single mosquito bite.”

Courtesy of @afinchmerely

TikToker @afinchmerely most recently shared her mosquito tip and trick and it couldn’t get any simpler.

A bucket of water, Mosquito Dunks, and grass clippings is everything you need to keep those pesky insects away.

Courtesy of @afinchmerely

Although the Mosquito Dunk is the product that does most of the work which according to the description on Amazon, is nontoxic to all other wildlife, pets, fish, and humans.

The item, which contains BTI is a bacteria that only targets mosquito larvae and kills the mosquito before they become old enough to bite according to the description.

Courtesy of @afinchmerely

It’s good to keep in mind that Mosquito Dunks can cover 100 square feet of surface water and is effective for 30 days at a time says the item summary.

With almost a 4.5 star rating on Amazon, over 60% of costumers have rated this product five stars, so it’s safe to say that this product is a must-have for a mosquito bite-free summer season.

Courtesy of @afinchmerely

And now that we know this hack, lets leave it up to the rain to cancel backyard barbecues rather than a swarm of mosquitos that have a habit of cutting the party short.

To keep your backyard barbecue on the calendar, you can find Mosquito Dunks packs currently on Amazon for less than ten bucks!

Courtesy of @afinchmerely

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