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‘Nap Dresses’ Are The Hot New Trend And They Are Cuter Than They Sound

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When I heard the term “Nap Dress” I immediately had visions of sack-like sleeping shirts that you get for bedtime.

But, that’s not really what a Nap Dress is at all.


A “Nap Dress” is a super cute summery version of the “House Dress,” which used to be a term used for a simple dress that could be worn around the house for chores. It was usually light and flowy, and easy to wash.

You probably remember your grandmother wearing one.

Of course, now-a-days people wear these so-called “house dresses” in all kinds of social situations all of the time. They are like a simple sundress, and people wear them to school, work, running errands, trips to the movies, on dates — wherever!!

The nap dress, the summer equivalent of the house dress, is back and hotter than ever.

These nap dresses have a fitted fabric around the breast area, and the rest of the dress is cute, long, and flowy. They usually have over-exaggerated puffy sleeves or ruffle sleeves that give the dress a sort of peasant-esque look.

Now yes, these dresses are so comfortable that you could wear them for a fabulous daytime nap, but that’s not what their intended use is at all.

Check Out These Adorable Nap Dresses

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