Put A New Spin On Things With These 7 Back to School Cleaning Tips and Tricks

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A new school year is almost upon us and that means our kids will be heading to school giving our home a chance to finally be clean! I don’t know about you, but my house never seems to be clean when my boys are home throughout the summer. Dirt, sand, water, among lots of toys are spread all around my home and with a new puppy here now too, you can say my home (especially my floors) need a little TLC. So today we wanted to take the opportunity to partner with O-Cedar to share 7 Back to School Cleaning Tips and Tricks that will help make your home spotless at least during the hours school is in session. Let the cleaning begin!

7 Back to School Cleaning Tips and Tricks

7 Back to School Cleaning Tips and Tricks

If you are a parent, then you know the easiest way to get something done is when the kids are away. In fact, O-Cedar found in a survey that 85% of stay at home moms agree it is easier to keep the house clean when their children go back to school vs. 75% of moms who work full- time.

It makes complete sense because there is less chaos and more focused time to just do what you need to get done. That is exactly the idea behind getting your home clean. Do it while they are away at school! For those of us that have kids in full-time school, we have 8 hours in our day to get our home clean and organized. Unless your house is a battle zone then I highly doubt it will take you that long without kids which means more “you time”. So let’s making cleaning easy and breeze by sharing some back to school cleaning tips and tricks!

  1. Soak it first! Forget all that unnecessary elbow grease involved removing sticky residue from dishes. Instead, soak it. I like to get my water really, really hot, add some dish soap and a little lemon juice. Let dishes soak for about 30 mins then wash or load them into the dishwasher. They will come out squeaky clean.
  2. Make it fun. You know how you play music or play a game with your kids to get them to do their chores? Well, do the same with yourself! Dance like nobody is watching (except maybe the cat) and make it fun. Before you know it, your house will be spotless.
  3. Designate a closet for storage. You know as soon as your kids get home shoes are off and backpacks are on the floor. Avoid that immediate mess by offering a closet for storage. Designate one area in your home that jackets, shoes, and backpacks are to be placed every day.
  4. Clean out the fridge weekly. Keeping on top of things truly make a difference when your kids are in school. One of those things is ensuring that your fridge and pantry are stocked with food that is still good for those school lunches. Vow to go through and clean them out weekly and make small grocery store trips to replace anything that is missing.
  5. Skip the old mop and bucket. I don’t know about you but my old mop and bucket wasn’t cutting it. No matter how hard I manually twisted out the excess water, it would leave piles of water all over my floor. Not good for my floors and sort of defeats the purpose of cleaning. That is why I ditched my old mop and found a new one that will get the job done right. It’s the O-Cedar EasyWringTM Spin Mop & Bucket System which I am going to talk about a just in a minute! o cedar1
  6.  Replace air filters in everything. You may not think about replacing the air filters in your home and I get it, it’s the last worry on your mind. However, my replacing the filters in your home (think fans, vacuums, air conditioners, etc.) you are helping eliminate dust and pollen in the air which can keep your home cleaner overall. It can also help reduce allergies and keep your family from getting sick.
  7. Use microfiber rags. One trick that I found was that if I used microfiber rags as opposed to regular rags, I actually got more cleaning done, collected more dust, and my surfaces stayed cleaner longer. I think it also helped prevent dust from going into the air. Because of this, I switched all my cleaning rags and cleaning tool attachments to microfiber.

All of these quick cleaning tips and tricks will get your home back in order after a long summer with a house full of kids. I had mentioned I was going to share a totally awesome new way to clean your floors and let me tell you, it’s going to be your new favorite way to clean!

I want to introduce the new O-Cedar EasyWringTM Spin Mop & Bucket System. It is a new SPIN on mopping that makes back to school cleaning easy and fun and by SPIN I mean that literally. o cedar2

The EasyWringTM Spin Mop & Bucket System features a hands-free wringer so with a simple press of the foot pedal, you can control the moisture level of the mop, meaning faster drying floors. The spinning action and easy-to-use pedal will make cleaning more fun – even kids will want to help out!

o cedar5

Woah – look at that spin go! It makes less of a mess and best of all, no large water piles on the floor – yay!

Another feature that I love is that unlike some cleaning tools with disposable cleaning pads, O-Cedar offers a reusable and washable, deep-cleaning microfiber mop head which gets those hard-to-reach areas thanks to the head’s triangular design. If you read my tips above, one of them was to replace your rags and cleaning tool attachments with microfiber cloths because it gives a better clean. That is why I love this system so much. I feel like my floors are cleaner in a much faster time!

o cedar6

I can tell you that not only will my floors be clean in record time, but now I can actually trust that my oldest son can clean the floors without my kitchen flooding! That certainly makes me happy! 😉

In case you want to have a better way to clean your floors (and you know you do) then head over and pick up your own O-Cedar EasyWringTM Spin Mop
 & Bucket System for $39.99 and available at retailers nationwide. You can also learn more and grab one here.

7 Back to School Cleaning Tips and Tricks2

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  1. I wake up feeling so stuffy thanks to my two cats and dust. Since I removed my carpet earlier this year, it seems to be worse. I don’t know if the ducts need to be cleaned or if the dust is now moving around the house since it can’t settle inside the carpet. So that’s why I’d like to have this.

  2. That mop looks very interesting and I need something like that to help me stay on top of things. Love all of your tips and have a happy school year!!!

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