Netflix Is Releasing A Movie That’s All About About Wine So Get Ready to Pop A Cork to Celebrate

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Now this is an interesting movie coming to Netflix, and if you’re a fan of wine and I mean who isn’t, then you’re going to love this upcoming film.

This movie isn’t your typical love affair saga, in fact it’s a movie about career choices and of course there’s drama too.

Specifically, this film focuses in on the idea of trying to find your purpose in life.

The movie sets the tone in Memphis, Tennessee starring Mamoudou Athie.

The main character Elijah, struggles with whether or not he should run his family barbecue business or pursue a career as a Sommelier.

A Sommelier, is someone who specializes in food and wine pairing, they are experts when it comes to wine.

The only catch is that his father, played by Courtney B. Vance, expects his son to take over the family business. However Elijah, may have a different plan in mind.

Netflix is releasing “Uncorked” at the end of this month.

The trailer does a great representation of the father and son’s conflicting interests.

It’s clear that Elijah’s family is very important to him, but when does the line become clear for Elijah to move past his family business and to start focusing on his career instead.

Near the end of the trailer, Elijah’s friend, who seems more to me like a possible girlfriend, says in the film “There’s always going to be a reason on why we shouldn’t do something.”

This really resonated with me, as it is so true! Elijah’s main struggle on pursing his career as a Sommelier, is the possibility of disappointing his father and leaving his family business behind.

However Elijah’s friend is correct, there is always going to be some type of setback and what matters most, is whether or not we take the risk.

You can watch the trailer below.

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