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This New Device Will Alert Parents Through An App If Baby Is Left In A Hot Car And It Is A Gamechanger

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I always hate the stories we hear about babies and pets getting left in hot cars.

There’s legit no need for it. I know that accidents happen, but there should be a way to stop this tragedy from happening over and over again.

People have come up with genius hacks to remember your baby in the backseat, but there needs to be more.


Turns out, there is a company that has come up with a great new product that will alert you through an app if you leave your little in the car.


This new gadget is a device that pairs with a car seat — made by Goodbaby — that will actually notify you of the impending disaster of leaving baby in the hot car.


According to 2KUTV, this device attaches to the strap of the carseat. It will trigger an app on the parent’s phone that lets them know the baby was left in the hot car.


The app lets the parents know that their little was left in the back seat. The app also alerts them to the current temperature inside the car.


Totally cool, and just a bit scary, right??

A child’s body temperature can rise anywhere between 3 and 5 degrees, and at about 104 degrees, that child would start to develop signs of a heat stroke. Unfortunately, we have seen a slight uptick in the amount of vehicular heatstrokes in the past year.

Representative from PennDOT

“Sensor Safe” is the name of the app, and it is only compatible with certain models of Goodbaby International brand car seats.


Goodbaby International’s Brand portfolio contains international top industry names such as ‘CYBEX’, ‘gb’, ‘Evenflo’, ‘ExerSaucer’, ‘RollPlay’, ‘CBX’, ‘Urbini’, and ‘HD’. All of these Brands have localised operations and a strong global presence, which we continue to expand further.

Goodbaby International

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