There’s A New Scam Going Around And You’re Going to Want to Read This Before Clicking Anything

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We will in a day and age where scammers are getting more and more creative in the way they run their scams.

They try to prey on the vulnerable and gullible people of society but sometimes, the scam seems too legit, anyone could be easily fooled.

With that being said, there’s a new scam going around that you are going to want to know about before you click anything! And if you have kids with phones, parents, grandparents, etc. please share this information with them!

The New Scam Circulating Apple and Android Users

The scam starts with you visiting your favorite websites using your trusted web browser.

That’s when you’re greeted with an image that looks like this:

Rich DeMuro

Now, until you click that link that says “Protect Connection” you are safe but once you click that link, it gives hackers access to your phone.

And honestly, who knows what else information they will be able to get once you click that link.

Moral of the story: DO NOT click any links ever unless you know it’s from a legitimate source.

All you need to do is, exit that page by closing out your browser.

You can then delete the cache and cookies on your phone and you shouldn’t see this message pop up again.

Please share this information with anyone that has a cell phone because these scams are starting to look so real, it may just save someone a huge headache.

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