Over 15,000 Roku Accounts Were Breached. Here’s What You Need To Know.

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I swear, it’s always something in this digitally run world.

This stuff always makes me so nervous because you never know what information is actually available to those with the skills to breach accounts.

Roku has announced that 15,363 of their streaming accounts were able to be accessed by “unauthorized individuals”, AKA hacking criminals.

We take our viewers’ privacy and security seriously and, as part of our commitment to those values and protecting your information, we are writing to notify you about a recent event that may have affected your Roku account.

Roku said in a letter to account holders that were affected by the breach
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Apparently, the hackers were trying to sell the stolen account information to other criminals.

The stored credit card information in the accounts could have then been used to make purchases.

Thankfully, Roku was able to secure the compromised accounts fast by having users reset their passwords.

They also canceled unauthorized subscriptions and refunded fraudulent charges.

…recently observed suspicious activity indicating that certain individual Roku accounts may have been accessed by unauthorized actors.

Roku’s security team said in a customer notice

From what I understand, the username and passwords were obtained from a third party and those same usernames and passwords were also used on Roku.

It appears likely that the same username/password combinations had been used as login information for such third-party services as well as certain individual Roku accounts. As a result, unauthorized actors were able to obtain login information from third-party sources and then use it to access certain individual Roku accounts. After gaining access, they then changed the Roku login information for the affected individual Roku accounts, and, in a limited number of cases, attempted to purchase streaming subscriptions.

Roku said in a letter to account holders that were affected by the breach

Y’all need to mix it up a bit and do NOT use the same information for all of your accounts.

You may want to head on over to Roku and reset your password.

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