Dear Reader, You Can Now Buy Washable Bridgerton Rugs and I Want Them All

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Are you a fan of Bridgerton? If you’ve never watched it, it’s on Netflix and was created from a book series that is based in the 1800s.

Apparently, there is a ‘Bridgerton’ aesthetic that has become quite popular.

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The Bridgerton aesthetic is often referred to as Regency-inspired or Regency-era fashion. This style takes inspiration from the early 19th-century Regency period, known for its refined elegance and romanticism. The dresses in Bridgerton showcase this aesthetic with their empire waistlines, delicate fabrics, and intricate details. It is this combination of historical accuracy and modern flair that creates the captivating and enchanting world of Bridgerton fashion.

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This ‘Bridgerton’ aesthetic isn’t just for clothing though, it has moved into home decor, including rugs.

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Ruggable has introduced an entire line of ‘Bridgerton’ themed rugs.

Image credit: Ruggable

Whether you’re hosting a ball or enjoying a quiet evening in with the latest society papers, our washable Bridgerton-inspired rugs are sure to evoke the romance and style of the Regency era in your home.


I must tell you, these rugs are absolutely gorgeous and I want one or three!

Image credit: Ruggable

I mean… my house really doesn’t match the ‘Bridgerton’ aesthetic, but man I may need to change up a room to make one of these rugs work!

Gorgeous and washable! They really are not even as pricey as I thought they would be!

You can buy your own ‘Bridgerton’ collection rug from Ruggable!

Image credit: Ruggable

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