The North Pole Has Just Released the Naughty and Nice List for 2023

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We are in the home stretch for the holidays and if you are looking to see if you made Santa’s naughty or nice list, you won’t have to wait any longer…

The Department of Christmas Affairs, which is directly under the North Pole Government, says Santa’s important list is officially ready!

Get this – 31,474 names are currently being monitored by Santa and if your name hasn’t made the list yet, it still can!

Thanks to the Global Behaviour Tracking Network and advanced data mining technology, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all 31,474 names currently being monitored by Santa.

Each name has been assigned a naughty or nice status based on their behaviour since Boxing Day 2022.

This year’s list is interactive meaning, you can search your name and see if you land on the Naughty or Nice list.

For example, when I search my name (Brittanie) it says I am on the naughty list… oops!

If you happen to be on the naughty list like I am, don’t worry – there is still time to do something good to get on the nice list before Christmas!

If you have found your name on the naughty list and would like to dispute the result, being a really good person between now and Christmas is a fast track alternative to the behavioural review system. Good deeds and genuine niceties will be detected by the Department’s Global Behaviour Tracking Network and good vibes will be sent directly to the North Pole Records Centre.

Now, if your name happens to be missing, you can actually submit your name to be on the list.

With over 255 births globally per minute, the Naughty and Nice list is being continually reviewed and updated. If your name is missing, use the Name submission form to submit your name and we will add it to our processing queue.

Ahhh isn’t this exciting! I dare you to do this with your kids – it’s so fun!

GO HERE to check your status, add your name or request that Santa checks his list twice and adds you to the nice list!

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