‘Oystering’ Is the Hot New Dating Trend You Should Try This Year

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All the singles ladies (and men) put your hands up!

If you’re newly single, ready to mingle or plainly looking for love, there’s a new dating trend to help you find that special someone to share dinner with.

Dubbed ‘Oystering’, this new dating trend is exactly how it sounds for all the single ladies and gentlemen out there.

What Is ‘Oystering’?

If you’ve ever heard of the saying “the world is your oyster”, meaning you can achieve anything you want in life simply because you have the opportunity to do so, is exactly what this dating trend gets its inspiration from!

Oystering encompasses on the idea of getting back into the dating realm when you find yourself back in the single seat, acting as if the world is truly your oyster, doing and dating anyone as you please!

Thanks to global dating expert Sophie Mann from Badoo a dating app, the app’s research shows that almost half of the people who didn’t put a ring on it (46%) feel excited to start dating again while 50% are ready to start 2022 off strong specifically in the romantic realm!

So put down the romantic love books, romanticize your own love life, delete the sad songs, and get out there and start mingling!

“Dating is daunting after a relationship, but it doesn’t need to be,” Sophie Mann, Badoo’s global dating expert, told Glamour Magazine. “Ultimately, dating should be fun, and what better way to get over a break up than having some fun? We’ve seen many people getting back into dating, and we predict this new trend of seizing the ‘dating’ day will shine through as many singletons are feeling confident to go out there and get what they want.”

Sophie Mann

So get ready world, our most confident inner selves are ready to seize the day!

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