How To Pack The Perfect Pool Bag

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My family lives by the pool, so I’ve learned to come prepared! I know how to pack the perfect pool bag, and today I am sharing my secrets with you!

pack the perfect pool bag

How To Pack The Perfect Pool Bag:

Remember you’re going swimming, not on an overnight trip! Keep it simple. If we are vacationing, I always stick my pool bag into my luggage empty, then I can bring it along when we spend the day by the water. Here’s what you need in your pool bag:

the perfect swim bag

Sunglasses. These are a must. They protect your eyes from getting crow’s feet and they make you like ten times cooler.


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Sunscreen. We LOVE Wet Skin Kids Sunscreen Spray Broad Spectrum SPF 70+ because it sprays on and stays on! Nobody wants to have to keep applying every time you get in or out of the pool. Waste of time, that!

Face Sunscreen. Faces get way more sun than the rest of our skin. Probably because of the water’s reflection of the We also use the Wet Skin Kids Stick Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 70 for faces. The best part? Both of these sunscreens are DESIGNED for wet skin. That means when your kids walk up to the pool and jump in before you get a chance to get their sunscreen on, they don’t have to wait and dry off before you can get it done. (Surely this happens to everyone else, right?)

A Ziploc Bag! I ALWAYS stick my phone in a ziploc bag when we go to the pool. It keeps it from getting wet, covered in sunscreen, and who even knows what else. I’ve even been known to bring a gallon bag for my iPad! Hah!

put your cell phone in a bag

Goggles. Not only do I throw in enough for the kids with me, but I usually toss in a couple of extra pairs just in case. There is nothing worse than a goggle fight at the pool!

A Speaker. Get a cool waterproof bluetooth rechargeable speaker it makes a day in the pool a million times better! I promise!

Hairbrush. I love my Wet Brush, and we always use it right when we get out of the pool!

Fruit. Swimming is tough work! I always bring easy fruit like oranges or apples. Sometimes I even let the kiddos eat them in the pool.

Water. Because even though you’re in the pool, it’s easy to get dehydrated quick!

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