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Pepsi Blue Is Making A Comeback and I Can’t Wait To Sip On Some of That Blue Stuff

Sometimes you have to wonder why a brand has the audacity of taking a popular food or beverage away, even if it becomes a major fan-favorite.

I’m talking to you, Taco Bell.

However, as we learn to forgive and forget, Pepsi is among the brands that has released something special in the past, and then yanked the item away for years.

Specifically talking about Pepsi Blue, the Berry Cola Fusion soda was a big hit and disappeared suddenly after only being out on the market between 2002 and 2004.

Rumor has it on social media that the bright blue soda is supposedly making a comeback this summer according to a specific Reddit post.

According to Business Insider, Pepsi Blue was originally released to compete with Coca-Cola’s Vanilla Coke.

The berry flavored soda was apparently tinted with the controversial Blue 1 coloring agent that was at the time, banned in numerous countries which is part of the reason why the soda became so unpopular.

Therefore, it is unknown what we can expect for the updated version of Pepsi Blue if there even is another version returning.

However, most recently PepsiCo filed a US trademark for the popular beverage which is a good sign of the soda’s possible big return to store shelves!

A user on Reddit also claimed that Pepsi Blue will be returning for a limited time only in the summer of 2021 for eight weeks and will be available in  20-ounce bottles and 0.5-liter six-packs!

What a mouthful, but we can only hope that these rumors are true so we can enjoy the updated version of Pepsi Blue once it gets a little warmer outside!