If You Ever See A Rubber Band On Your Door Handle, This Is What It Means

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I swear I learn something new every day and this is one that just might save your life.

If You Ever See A Rubber Band On Your Door Handle, This Is What It Means and Honestly, it’s important to know!

You may think of a rubber band as a simple way to tie something but unfortunatly, it now has a deeper and darker use at least to criminals.

For starters, you should already know to never answer your door to anyone you don’t know but I think it’s still worth being said.

Secondly, if there does happen to be a person on the other side you don’t know, never open the door because they may be strategically placing a rubber band on your door handle so when you unlock the door, they are ready to invade your home.

According to a viral Facebook post, this is a tactic that robbers and home invaders are now using to hopefully catch you off guard and not give you a single chance to stop the perpetrator.

A woman had this very thing happen to her when an unknown man showed up to her door. After he left, she assumed she’d find a brochure or something but instead, found this:

After about 30 minutes I walked outside to look for what I thought would be a brochure, but instead found a rubber band around my knob to hold the door to open when I unlocked the latch. I called Ron and he told me to get the gun out and leave it out. The Sheriff came by yesterday and said this is happening all of a sudden, as soon as you unlatch the door, they do not wait for you to turn the knob, they can bust in on you.

Isn’t that just terrifying? Especially to have the police confirm this is a known tactic.

So, be safe out there. Never answer your door to ANYONE you don’t know.

Oh, and it’s probably a good idea to have an alarm system, dogs, and even possibly a gun or weapon to protect yourself because you just never know.

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