This Woman Thought She Was Washing Her Hands with Soap, It Turned Out to Be Cheese

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Sometimes it’s nice to hear about someone who does things as messed up as I do. This woman here…I think we could be sisters.

So, we all know how to wash our hands right? I mean most of us were already doing that I HOPE, but I guess not.

Anyhow, as handwashing became a greater concern because of the coronavirus, people stepped up the handwashing.

Thank you…however…you must use soap. Like actual real soap, not something that looks like soap. Say…old hardened cheeses for instance? It can happen…

For real! A lady, user name lionellrichie on Reddit, posted her hilarious mistake on Reddit to warn others.

byu/lionellrichie from discussion

She posted a photos of herself holding what appeared to be an orange piece of real handmade bar soap. You know how soap looks when dried out? Well, it looked just like that.

Just realized my soap wasn’t working because it’s literally a block of cheese.

lionellrichie on Reddit

To be fair, it wasn’t her home. She was housesitting and this was literally left out on the counter.

So, this forgotten hunk of cheese (seriously who forgets to eat their hunk of cheese?) had dried out and she assumed it was a hunk of hand soap.

At least she was trying to do the right thing! I have done some messed up stuff, so I can relate. But really, be sure to use actual soap while washing your hands!


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