Did You Know Ritz Crackers Have Ridges For A Reason? Here’s Why!

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Ritz Crackers have fooled us all.

There’s a reason why the famous flaky cracker has ridges on the outer edges and no, the reason is not for show.

Courtesy of @ritzcrackers

If you’ve ever eaten a slice of American, Cheddar, Colby Jack or Swiss on top of a Ritz Cracker, you’re mostly likely doing it wrong.

Now you might be thinking that the classic duo can only be eaten one way, but if happened to use a knife while cutting the cheese and no, I mean the actual cheese in front of you, then you don’t know Ritz Crackers as well as you thought you did.

The real reason why Ritz Crackers have ridges are not for aesthetic purposes, in fact, the small ridges are supposed to be used for cutting cheese which means no sharp objects are necessary.

Instead, when you take out your slice of cheese, lay it flat and let the cracker do all the work, aka, slowly move the cracker back and forth to cut the slice.

With that being said, this Ritz Cracker hack can only be used on pre-cut slices of cheese and not entire blocks, these crackers aren’t made out of steel you know.

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