You Can Get A Starbucks Cauldron Mug For The Witch In Your Life

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Consider the witches already meeting and brewing new potions to cast this year considering we can all slowly but surely taste the spices of fall and smell the sweet aroma from the candy filled night.

Since summer is halfway over, it might be time to consider deflating the pool floats in just a few weeks and beginning to dust off the fall string leaves and plastic pumpkins in the attic.

With that being said, there’s always room in the kitchen cabinet for another Halloween mug, courtesy of Starbucks that is.

Courtesy of Ebay

Starbucks released a glass tumbler in the shape of a cauldron to stir those coffee mugs with whatever witches brew in the morning or an afternoon pick me up.

Courtesy of Ebay

The spellbinding mug is dripping with a deep purple color that oozes from the top, almost as if a witches potion has over boiled.

Courtesy of Ebay

With a black and white stripped handle and a wooden spoon to stir in your sugar (or potion ingredients), you can currently find the Halloween mug on Ebay for $190.

Courtesy of Ebay

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  1. it’s apparently from korea,(also listed as china??) all it says no north or south, who tf pays $190 for a mug (much less the $399, that it actually says, yes $ nt pound, euro,yen, or what-not it has a usd $ on it) they must be out of their mind, it’s probably not even really Starbucks selling these)

    1. @michelle benoit, upon further inspection it is not starbucks (which china oes have one) but just a regular person selling these (which were released in 2019)

  2. I absolutely love these Halloween ? decor ?

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