Turns Out, You’ve Been Storing Flour Wrong Your Entire Life. Here’s How to Store It Correctly.

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Flour is one of those tricky baking ingredients.

It usually comes in a 2 pound sack that’s super convenient just to throw up in your cabinet for those times when you need it.

But, did you know that flour can actually go bad?

What I mean is, moisture can get into the bag, rendering it not useful.

Also, teeny tiny bugs — called weevils — can grow in the flour. Excuse me whilst I throw up.

It’s not that these weevils got there from your kitchen. The eggs were already present when you bought the flour.

Gross, right?

Side Note: That’s also one of the reasons you shouldn’t eat raw flour.

So, how do you properly store flour to prevent moisture and bugs?

How To Properly Store Flour

The first thing you need to do when you bring flour home from the grocery store is stick that baby in the freezer.

Keeping your flour in the freezer for 2 to 3 days kills off any weevils or eggs that were present in the flour when you purchased it.

When your flour is done getting debugged in the freezer, take the bag of flour out.

Transfer all the contents of the bag into an air-tight container — like these.


These air-tight containers will keep out any moisture that might otherwise get in and ruin your flour.

You want to store your flour in a dark, cool place. Deep in the recesses of your pantry is the perfect place.

If you want your flour to stay super fresh, put it in the air-tight container, and then put that container in the fridge or freezer.

Remember, flour will stay good and fresh for about a year. At that time, it’s probably time to hit up the grocery store for another bag.

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