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You Can Get Sugar Skull Boots For The Most Festive Fall Shoes Ever

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Sugar Skull Dia De los Muertos Combat Boots exist, and I’ll never need another pair of shoes but these in my life, ever.

Y’all. I am a 1990s girl. Straight up, hardcore, without a doubt — if you know me, this is no secret.


I owned eleventy hundred pairs of combat type boots back in the day — Doc Martens galore — and I still think the combat boot is the bomb dot comb, and the only shoe you need to be on trend.


That being said, I NEEEEEEED these shoes. Like, I need them on my feet now. Like, they have already been charged to my credit card, and there is no regret.

These are combat boots, but THESE combat boots have purple, pink, yellow, white, and blue sugar skulls all over them. GAH!!!

They come in sizes Women’s US 5 to Women’s US 12 — and I totally just bought a size 8!

Walk in to your local shoe store and you’ll be hard pressed to find a design as unique as this, in fact we’re sure you won’t find them anywhere else. These exceptional boots are our pride and joy, and they’ll be yours as well.


Y’all not only are these shoes like the most perfect shoes I have ever seen, but they ship for FREE!! That just means they are truly meant to be!!

You can get your own pair — ’cause you can’t have mine — on the Threaddomain shop on Etsy. They are only 80 bucks, and completely worth every penny of that 80 dollars!!

Never fear, if these boots don’t work for you — wrong size, or what have you — Threaddomain will take exchanges.

And, y’all, this shop has a 4.5 star rating, with more than 7,000 purchases, so you know you are getting a great product with great customer service.

peanut butter and jelly bite size kabobs

Okay, I’ll quit talking about these amazing freaking shoes. I mean, they are just shoes, right? Even if they ARE the most flipping amazing shoes I have ever seen. I can’t wait to get mine!!

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