You Can Get a Pet Sling That Lets You Carry Your Dog Or Cat Around Like A Baby

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I’m not going to lie, I have the NEEDIEST dog ever! He is ALWAYS underfoot when I am walking, and I have tripped over him more times than I care to count. He would LOVE it, if I would just carry him 100% of the time.

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He will be so ridiculously giddy over this sling we found on Amazon! It is very similar to a sling you would carry a newborn baby in, but it is made specifically for animals.

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It totally works for dogs OR cats — but I’m not here to discriminate. It would probably work for iguanas, bunnies, and chickens, too. As long as the animal weighs between TWO and NINE pounds, they should be good-to-go in this pet sling!

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This sling is made of cotton and polyester, and Y’all, it is so easy to clean! All you have to do is throw it in the gentle cycle of your washing machine. BAM!

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The shoulder strap is adjustable from 19 inches up to 44 inches, to fit most fur baby parents.

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The pouch, itself, is twenty inches wide and nine inches deep. For most SMALL fur babies, that gives them a bit of wiggle room.

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There is an adjustable safety hook, that can attach to a doggie harness for added security.

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This pet sling only runs about twenty-two bucks — MUCH less than a sling for a human baby!

It is also eligible for Amazon Prime shipping with FREE returns.

You can get your own pet sling right on the Amazon website.

pet sling carrier for cats

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