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‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 3 Is Coming and I’m So Excited

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‘The Umbrella Academy’ has been a huge hit on Netflix ever since season 1 and lets be honest, there’s probably a handful of individuals who are even re-watching season 1 and 2 because it’s just that good. 

But what about season 3? 


Well, considering season 2’s cliffhanger, we need to know more than what Netflix is giving us and of course, that’s little to nothing right now. 


We all know that Netflix currently has yet to confirm a third season; however, a schedule from Production Weekly showed the next season will start shooting as early as next year which is absolutely thrilling! 


If this is true, this is exciting news to start of the new year am I right?! 


While we sit and wait for ‘The Umbrella Academy’ to return, at least we know production is reportedly in the future and as of right now, I’ll take what we can get for the hit show! 


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