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You Can Build This Tiny Cabin For Just $700 and Now I Want One

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Even though I have a family of 4 — that sometimes feels like a family of 16 — I dream of owning a tiny house.

Who knows, maybe one day I can make a tiny home my home-away-from-home in my backyard. LOL!

There is one couple — Alla Ponomareva and her husband Garrett — who have made a way to put an inexpensive, simple small A-frame house on their property, and they got it for basically a steal.


It cost them a mere $700 to build, and it only took 3 weeks to put together.

They did their research, and did it right!

They found an inexpensive A-frame tiny house design from Derek Diedrickson, and then they looked for and used upcycled materials to finish the house.

The cabin, once completed, clocked in at 80 square feet — so it’s really no wonder it only took 3 weeks to finish.


Now, this A-frame beauty is on the rustic side.

It is completely off the grid — which means no internet or TV for this little house.


Alla and Garett did decide to use a solar panel on the house that can power a light or charge a phone for emergencies.


There is also no bathroom in this 80 square foot space — heck, there’s no room for one!

There is a portable toilet and solar powered shower just a short stone’s throw from the cabin.


Now, Alla and Garett do use this small space for when friends and family come to visit — like a guest house of sorts — but it can also be rented from Airbnb.

While the cabin is on the property of Alla and Garett’s “real” home, it is part of a 20-acre plot of land, so you will feel plenty secluded.


The cabin can comfortably sleep 3 people — but one of those lucky people will have to rough it on the floor.

It can be rented for just $100 a night, and it is located in Missoula, Montana.


If you want to read more about how they built this tiny cabin, you can do so on the Alla Ponomareva website.

To get information on renting the A-frame tiny masterpiece on Airbnb, you can check out the listing HERE.


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