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Twizzlers Palm Tree Treat

Seeing a Palm Tree makes me instantly think of the beach and drinking a Piña Colada (or two) out of a real coconut. I’ve totally been itching to visit someplace tropical so I thought I’d bring a little piece of that in my home with this Twizzlers Palm Tree Treat! The best part, it’s entirely edible and it only requires 2 ingredients. Easy enough right?

Twizzlers Palm Tree Treat

Ingredients Needed for A Twizzlers Palm Tree Treat:

  • Twizzlers Twists (either Rainbow or Green Apple)
  • Sugar Cones

twizzlers palm tree treats supplies

How to Make A Twizzlers Palm Tree Treat:

  1. Take off the end of the sugar cone. I just bit off the end. You want the hole just large enough to fit 4 Twizzlers inside of it.twizzlers palm tree treat inprocess1
  2. Take 2 green Twizzlers Twists and break them into half so you have 4 equally sized pieces.
  3. Carefully push the Twizzler pieces into the hole. You can use your finger to pull them down from the other end.twizzlers palm tree treat inprocess2
  4. Set the Twizzlers Palm Tree Treat upright and display.
  5. Enjoy when ready!

Twizzlers Palm Tree Treat Featured

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