Restaurant Week At The Capital Grille

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Few things excite me more than restaurant week. Why? Because I love good food and I love spending time with my man. Restaurant week is the perfect time to eat a lot of good feed and spend a lot of time with my man.

And that rocks. My favorite restaurant week pick is most definitely The Capital Grille in Dallas, Texas.

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capital grille menu

This place has steaks so good that you will never want another steak from anywhere ever.

del monico capital grille

So juicy, so perfect.

steakTheir salads are so fresh and delicious that I want to eat fifty of them._DSC2186

It’s okay to eat fifty of something if it’s salad, right? Oh, and this stuff…

fried cheese

Those little crispy things are cheese. CHEESE y’all!

But, I think my favorite thing on the menu is their mint lemonade.

mint lemonade

It tastes like magic. Minty magic.

My husband can’t get enough of the truffle fries.

truffle fries

I don’t blame him, I always steal a couple off his plate.

But then, there’s dessert.


I almost never make it to dessert without a PEPCID COMPLETE™ because I am pretty much guaranteed heartburn, even at a swanky restaurant like the capital grille.

pepcid complete

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