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DIY Minecraft Creeper Candle Holder

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You know what they say, if you can’t beat the creepers…join ’em! Well not really, but for the sake of Minecraft let’s just pretend that we are nerding out over here and came up with another totally awesome creeper craft idea. This time, you can make your own Minecraft Creeper Candle Holder. Now before you think that is a totally bad idea for kids, think again! These use battery operated candles so they are perfectly safe! ROCK ON!

Minecraft Creeper Candle Holder

Supplies Needed to Make A Minecraft Creeper Candle Holder:

minecraft creeper candle holder suppliesHow to Make a Minecraft Creeper Candle Holder:

  1. Start by placing your fabric on top of your glass candle holder. You are going to wrap it entirely around to determine the amount of fabric you will need for this project.
  2. Cut your fabric according to the measurements in step 1.
  3. If you want a very straight seam of fabric, apply hot glue and fold your fabric over to make your fabric nice and flat (instead of being jagged from cutting).minecraft creeper candle holder inprocess1
  4. Take your glue gun and apply a strip of glue directly on your glass candle holder. Place fabric onto this piece of glue and allow to dry.minecraft creeper candle holder inprocess2minecraft creeper candle holder inprocess3
  5. Continue step 4 until your entire glass candle holder is wrapped in the fabric.minecraft creeper candle holder inprocess4
  6. You may notice you have excess fabric at the bottom of your candle holder. Again, if you want a nice clean look to it, simply apply glue and fold the bottom in as you would when using wrapping paper to wrap a present.minecraft creeper candle holder inprocess5
  7. Open the Minecraft Creeper Silhouette Image (photo credit: lilluna) in your Silhouette Studio Software.
  8. Trace the image and resize it to 2.812″ x 2.811 in. This will be the perfect size if you are using the candle holders from dollar tree.minecraft creeper candle holder inprocess6
  9. Cut out the creeper face onto your black cardstock.minecraft creeper candle holder inprocess6
  10. Apply the creeper face to the front of your fabric wrapped candle holder using hot glue. Allow to cool.
  11. Place your battery operated candle votives into the candle holder.minecraft creeper candle holder inprocess7
  12. Creep the night on my friends and enjoy!

DIY Minecraft Creeper Candle Holder Featured

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  1. My son loves Minecraft and his birthday is on Tuesday. We’re having a Minecraft theme party and I truly loved this post (and so did he). Thank you for sharing this idea with us! We are trying it.

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