Uh, is it Thursday already?

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Oh WOW!  I can’t even believe that tomorrow is Thursday!  I thought that it was like Tuesday!  Halle has been so busy this week, and I have just been following her around!  Or at least it feels that way.

Today I gave all my scrapbook stuff away.  And, I have to say it makes me so happy to see it gone.  Believe it or not, I am glad that it is all gone.  I haven’t been using it forever, and now it has gone off to a better place!  I can’t believe how much extra room I have in here right now.  I am thinking I will just keep going until I have almost cleaned out this play room.  We don’t need all this junk in here, and it always feels SO cluttered.  Maybe I will go through and get rid of ten things RIGHT now.

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