A sick Daughter…

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Well, I went in to my daughter’s room to wake her up for school this morning and she snorted a little and begged to go back to bed.  My kid NEVER begs to go back to bed… so I told her to lay back down.  I think she has a little cold.  Lately it is like we kick the cold away for a week and it comes right back only to hang out for two.  It is getting a LITTLE old here.  Can three year olds use Zycam and Airborne?  Maybe I should look that up.  Oh speaking of Airborne, maybe I should take some so I don’t also get this nasty cold.  I think it might be time for us to rent a movie on pay per view and spend the afternoon in bed.  Okay, being a stay at home mom isn’t ALL bad.  Sometimes you get to spend the day in bed even when you aren’t sick!  But, if I could just get sick for her every time she didn’t feel good, I would TOTALLY do it.  If someone could invent THAT, I would be ALL over it!

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