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This Un-Pregnancy-Announcement Is As Hilarious As It Is Honest

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I’m such a sap. I love it when people post their pregnancy announcements on Facebook. It’s so sweet — even when it’s totally cheesy.

But, what happens if a couple doesn’t want a child? Like, having a child is NOT on their radar or in their plans like EVER.

Do they get to miss out on all the announcement fun?

If you ask Tyler Frederick, 29, and Chelsea Roy, 23, from Indiana, they will tell you that not having a child is absolutely not a reason to avoid the cutesy pregnancy announcement.

Tyler Steven Frederick

See, Chelsea knew that she didn’t want children. As far as she was concerned, it was never going to be in the plans for her life.

Luckily, Tyler, her boyfriend, felt exactly the same way. People who know him don’t even pressure him with “When,” because they know the answer is, “Never.”

Tyler Steven Frederick

So, what does one do to ensure that kids never ever come into the picture — even after years of being together?

Why, they make sure precautions are taken to avoid accidental rogue sperm and egg Meet Cutes.

Tyler Steven Frederick

How? Tyler went and got himself a vasectomy — a relatively uneventful, low-risk surgery that can be done as an outpatient, where the tubes that carry the sperm into the semen are cut and sealed.

Now, I didn’t say it was totally comfortable and lacking in the pain department. I’m sure there was plenty of uncomfortable throbbing in the nether region.

Tyler Steven Frederick

Then, Tyler got a fantabulous idea — they would have an anti-pregnancy photo shoot where they would swap out the usual pregnancy photo props with things like tighty-whities that announce “Snip Snip”.

I wasn’t sure about it at first, but not opposed.

Chelsea Roy

Tyler Steven Frederick

Sure, this quirky photoshoot might not be a good gig for most photographers, but luckily Tyler has a friend,  Elijah VanDine, who is a professional photographer, and was the perfect choice to bring this fun idea to fruition.

You can’t deny, the results are hella funny. LOL!!

Tyler Steven Frederick
Tyler Steven Frederick

As you can probably imagine, the announcement was met with mixed emotions. Some people thought it was the best idea ever, and some people had their feathers a little ruffled.

Tyler is quick to say that, just because he’s not cut out (buh-dum-dum) to be a parent, the couple know there are people out there who make AWESOME parents.

Tyler Steven Frederick

I have plenty of friends that are parents — some single mums, some single dads — and they are rock stars

Tyler Frederick

Do you know of any OTHER funny photo shoots that the world just NEEDS to see? Let us know in the comments below.

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