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Vampire Nails Are The Hottest New Trend For Halloween and They Are Bloody Cool

Bloodsucking nails are in fashion.

Courtesy of @tammynbeauty

Similar to the fangs inside of a vampire’s mouth, the newest fashion trend to dress ten fingers are “vampire nails.”

Courtesy of @spellboundxnails

Also known as “fang nails”, these ten acrylics are typically painted with red and white colors during spooky season.

Courtesy of @spellboundxnails

While most will designate the pointer finger and pinky into fangs by filing down the acrylic into a sharp almond shape leaving the other three fingers square, some have only used a rounded oval shape for all ten fingers.

Courtesy of @heythere.bear

Most commonly seen with this trend are the two designated nails shaped as fangs painted with fake blood dripping alongside the nail to make it look like these nails have just bit into someone’s neck.

Courtesy of @adreasnails__

Other nail inspiration includes all ten fingers featuring a clear undercoat complete with dripping blood painted in red on all ten fingernails.

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Courtesy of @witchfacenails

It looks like vampire acrylics are in and plain orange pumpkin nails are out.

Courtesy of @thehappyfingers


Monday 9th of August 2021

'Ya gotta show this to Taylor. (Would she bite these too)?