Walmart Just Released Blue Raspberry Flavored Juice and It Looks Sweet

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Walmart likes to reinvent common juice flavors and revamp them into something exotic.

If you can remember when Walmart released cotton candy flavored grape juice, the popular retail store put together two flavors no one ever thought to combine in one bottle and is now, selling a brand new flavored juice made for holiday cocktails.

Courtesy of Walmart

Introducing Blue Raspberry flavored juice!

This new juice combines two sweet fruits we commonly know and love, and put them together in one decorative bright blue packaged bottle.

While the new flavor might look like apple juice in disguise considering the pale yellow color, don’t be fooled.

You can find the Blue Raspberry flavored juice cocktail stocked on Walmart’s shelves for less than five bucks in the beverage aisle for casual sipping or to mix with at holiday gatherings!

Courtesy of @junkfoodinthetrunk3

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