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I Was Today Years Old When I Learned What The Lever On The Tape Dispenser Is For

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Seriously. How did I never know this.

It seems so obvious now that I’ve seen it.

How many times have you struggled with the dang tape, trying to find the beginning of the roll?

I can tell you, I’ve mangled a roll or two in my lifetime, trying to get the flipping roll of tape started.

But, did you know that the tape manufacturers actually tried to make it easy for us.

It would have been really nice if they would have put the instructions on the actual roll, so incompetent users — like me — know what the heck we are doing.

But, no. They like to see us struggle. LOL!!

Did you know that little lever that hangs off the back of the roll of tape actually has a function.

Life With Wes & Alison

I just thought it was to hold the tape on the roll, so it doesn’t fall off.

Yeah, I was wrong.

Turns out, this lever has a function, and I’ve been using it totally wrong this entire time.

So, when you lose the beginning of the tape — which happens all the time, right? — you just hold down that little lever on the back of the tape dispenser.

Life With Wes & Alison

Slide it along the tape until you find the start of the roll.

Life With Wes & Alison

Voila. It lifts right up.

Life With Wes & Alison

No more tearing it off in pieces, wrecking your nail polish, and completely destroying half the tape to try to get it working properly again.

Life With Wes & Alison

Mind blown.

Try it. It actually works!!

Life With Wes & Alison

See the entire ingenious tape dispenser action HERE.

Life With Wes & Alison

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